You and your customer's can see where the tech was at the time the Work Order was completed on the mobile app.

Key Points

There are three ways to see where a tech was when the Work Order was closed on the mobile app.

  • The Customer Portal

  • Show All Changes in the Work Order

  • Exporting the completed Work Orders and viewing it in a spreadsheet

The Customer Portal

  1. Log in to the customer portal as the customer with the customer's email address and account number

  2. Click the History tab

  3. Click the View button for the service report you want to see

  4. The On site verification map appears in the upper right.

Show All Changes in the Work Order

View where the tech was by clicking Show All Changes in the bottom left of the Work Order.

Click Show All Changes

Activities performed on the mobile app do not have a name associated to it in the 'Who' column. Click each blank 'Who' entry until you see the Field Names worker_lat and worker_lng. These are the latitude and longitude coordinates. 

Copy these coordinates into a browser map (Google Maps, Waze, MapQuest, etc.) The pindrop will be the location where the Work Order was closed in the Mobile app.

Tip The start and end times are also available below the coordinates. 

Exporting the completed Work Orders and viewing it in a spreadsheet

  1. From the Dashboard, click Sales

  2. Click Work Orders 

  3. Click the down arrow to the right of New Work Order

  4. Click Export

  5. Click Export

  6. Open your email

  7. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet program

  8. The latitude and longitude coordinates are in columns X and Y

9. Find the customer or location you are inquiring about, scroll to columns X and Y
    and copy the two rows...

10. ...into your browser's address bar.

11. In this Chrome example, click the magnifying glass to see the pin location where this work order was closed

Note: For either method the map shows up only if the tech tapped Complete & Exit on the work order on the mobile app. If the tech tapped Save & Exit, or if the Work Order is closed on the desktop browser there is no map in the customer portal and there are no latitude and longitude coordinates in the CSV file.

To see the time the tech tapped Start and End

Look at columns T and U.


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