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PDF files - how to add to Fieldwork
PDF files - how to add to Fieldwork

Upload yours or download ours

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PDF files (customizable forms) is available in our Startup, Business, and Pro Plans.


Attach fillable PDF forms to your Work Orders to be filled out in the mobile app. The form will be included in the Work Order email sent to the customer. We offer a wide variety of forms including WDIRs and many state-specific forms. You can also upload your own fillable form.

Key Points

  • Upload your own form

  • Upload one of ours from our database

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper-right corner 

  2. Click PDF Forms
    From here you can select a PDF form from our database or upload your own.

    To upload your own:

   3. Click the Upload PDF Form button in the upper-right corner
   4. Give the file a form name
   5. Click Choose File
   6. Find the file and click Open
   7. Click Create PDF Form
   8. Click Make this a fillable PDF form if your form is fillable
   9. Follow along with the steps

If you want to use one of ours:

  1. Click the Select PDF From our database button in the upper-right corner

  2. One of these two might suit your needs:
    104 - Pest Control Contract (LONG FORM)

  3. Select the forms you want in your account and click the green Add button

The PDF file is now in your system and can be attached to a Work Order from the Work Order Forms tab.

For more information about adding a PDF form to a Work Order, see: Work Orders - getting started (scroll to the bottom for PDF information)

For more information about using a PDF form in the mobile app, see: Mobile app - Service instructions, Location note and PDF forms

For more information about making a form fillable, see: Settings - PDF Forms

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