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Android PDF files - We no longer support Acrobat on Android
Android PDF files - We no longer support Acrobat on Android

Use XODO to edit your Android PDF files

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Google changed the Android API on how files are managed between apps, while at the same time Adobe changed its process of replacing an original file with a copy. Because of these two changes the Fieldwork app can't get the properly filled form from Acrobat.  

This is beyond our control.  

Key Points

There are two ways to proceed:

  • Download another PDF app
    - or-

  • Open the PDF file within the Fieldwork app

Download another PDF app

Although you can use any other PDF app we are currently recommending XODO.

When you tap the PDF file in an Android device you'll see the following screen:

The first time you get this message tap XODO PDF to go to Google Play to install it.

Every time thereafter tap OK to open XODO to edit the PDF file. 

After editing the PDF file, tap the back button to go back into Fieldwork and get that green check mark. 

Open the file within the Fieldwork app

  1. In the online browser go to Settings/PDF Forms

  2. Open the PDF file that you want to open in the Fieldwork app

  3. Clear the check box [ ] Always open in Acrobat

  4. Click the Update PDF form button

After you make this change your techs need to reload data on their Android device:

  1. Save any unsaved Work Order in the mobile app. 

  2. Tap Save in the upper-right corner of the open Work Order. 

  3. Tap Save & Exit

  1. Then, from the Calendar, tap the menu in the upper-left corner (the three lines)

  2. Tap Settings

  3. Tap Reload Data

  4. Tap Ok or Allow to any messages

  1. Open the Work Order with the PDF file in it

  2. Tap PDF Form and the form opens within the Fieldwork app
    If this form is fillable, the information is prefilled in the form

      3. After filling in the information, tap the Save icon in the upper-right corner to
          return to Fieldwork

For information regarding how to use the XODO app, see Using XODO to edit a PDF file on Android

For more information about making a form fillable, see Settings - PDF Forms

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