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Customize your services through fillable PDF forms

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PDF Forms are available in our Startup, Business, and Pro subscription plans.

Note If you don't have a PDF editor capable of creating fillable forms, we can make your forms fillable for you for a fee. As of this writing, it starts at $100 per page and can be as much as $250 per page depending on the complexity of the form(s). Contact us for more information.


When a fillable PDF form is attached to a Work Order, it becomes available in the mobile office app. These forms can be edited from the mobile app, your customers and techs can sign them, and when the Work Order is completed and the tech emails the Work Order to the customer, the PDF file(s) will be included in the email.

Key Points

  • Upload your own fillable PDF file

  • Download one of ours from our PDF database

  • Prepopulate fillable fields in your PDF file so techs don't have to enter it in the app

Attach PDF forms to Work Orders to add additional reporting features, such as contracts, WDIRs, Notice of Pesticide Use, Waivers, and so forth.  

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper-right corner 

  2. Under Company Setup, click PDF Forms

  3. From here you can select a PDF form from our database or upload your own.

To upload your own:

  1. Click the Upload PDF Form button

  2. Give the form a name

  3. Click Choose File

  4. Find the file, click Open

  5. Click Create PDF Form

If you want to use one of ours:

  1. Click Select PDF From our database

  2. One of these two might suit your needs:
    104 - Pest Control Contract (LONG FORM)

  3. Click the check box to the left of any forms you want and click Add

The PDF file is now in your system and can be attached to a Work Order from the Forms tab.

Note Any PDF form that allows for input or a signature can be attached to the Work Order. If a PDF form does not have a fillable entry, or if it is not filled, it will not be included in emails sent to the customer. 

Fillable PDF Forms

For the tech to enter data directly in the forms on the mobile app, make the forms fillable. To do this you need a PDF editor capable of creating fillable forms, such as Adobe Acrobat. 

For more information about creating fillable forms, visit Adobe Acrobat at:

Or search YouTube for 'How to make a fillable PDF '.

Once you have made a form fillable, upload it and follow the steps previously mentioned in To upload your own: and click Make this a fillable PDF form.

Prepopulating fields

Some forms might include fields for your business address, license number, customer's name, address of inspection, date of inspection, technician’s name, and so forth. Fields that are the same for each Work Order you’ll want to have pre-filled because you don't want your techs to tap out this information several times a day. 

After you have made the form fillable, prepopulate these fields by clicking the Merge Fields selector and adding the appropriate placeholder. If you assigned a field type as Multi-Line Text, such as your company name, address and phone number, you can have more than one placeholder per field as shown below.

Below is an example of the placeholders: 



{company_city}, {company_state} {company_zip}. 

Repeat with other fields and placeholders. Click the animated image below to open a larger image in a new tab.

Tip Separate fields that have more than one placeholder when the field type is set to Multi-line Text by placing your mouse cursor between two placeholders. Press SHIFT plus ENTER together. This puts the placeholder text on separate lines. 

Your techs won’t have to re-enter this information with this PDF form every time they have it in a Work Order. Below is the Inspection company, address & phone portion of a WDIIR PDF form as it appears in the mobile app.

The mobile app picture below shows additional fields prefilled: company's license number, date of inspection, address of property inspected, technician’s name and license number. 

PDF check boxes

If your PDF file has check boxes you must update the property of each check box to:

  • Check box style = Check

  • Export value = Yes

To to this, right-click the check box and click the Options tab.

Using fillable PDF forms can save your techs a lot of time (and your money).

Click the green Preview PDF button to ensure the form looks okay. Click the green Update PDF Form at the bottom of the page to save it.

Also, watch this video:

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