Commissions are tallied through the Production Value in a Work Order.

Managing commissions involves five areas in Fieldwork:

  • Settings/Work Orders

  • Settings/Users & Routes

  • Production Value in the Work Order

  • Add commissions in the Commissions tab in the Work Order

  • Commission reports

Settings/Work Orders

Go to Settings/Work Orders and select the check box: [x] Enable Sales and Tech Commissions

Settings/Users & Routes

To establish commissions for your techs:

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Settings gear icon

  2. Click Users & Routes

  3. Click Edit to the right of the tech's name 

  4. On the left side of the page, enter the percentage in the Sales Commission, %, Service Commission, %, or both

   5. Click Update User

Production Value in the Work Order

The commission percentages come from a portion of the Production Value in a Work Order. It is located at the bottom right-hand corner.

Add commissions in the Commissions tab in the Work Order

Note If you skip this step none of the Commission reports will work.

Commissions auto-populate the Commissions tab when the customer's Location page has a default Sales Rep and a default Route selected. If you do not have these fields selected when setting up a new customer, then you need to manually enter the information as you set up each new service or series of work orders. 

To add commissions to a Work Order:

  1. Open the Work Order

  2. Click the Commissions tab

  3. Click the Add Commission button
    The following entries are available:

  4. User Name: Click Choose User and select the user from the dropdown

  5. User Role: Select Sales or Service

  6. Commission Type: Select Percent or Amount

  7. Commission Amount: Percent pulls the User's settings and auto-populates it
    If you select amount (flat rate), manually enter the amount

  8. Expires On: Set a date for when the commission expires

Commission reports

There are three commission reports available:

Sales Commission by Invoice
Before handing out commissions you'll want to ensure that the people who earned the commissions are receiving them. To do this use the Sales Commission by Invoice report. This report identifies unmatched/mismatched users who were involved in the work to those who were not.

  1. In the report adjust the date range for the pay period

  2. Click Apply

  3. The report shows only the commissioned Work Orders that are unmatched with the technicians.

  4. Scroll all the way to the right 

  5. The person listed in the Commission Payee/User Name column is the person listed in the Commission tab of the Work Order

  6. The person listed in the Route/Technician column is the tech in the Schedule tab

  7. Settle the discrepancies until no Work Orders remain in the report

Continue to the Sales Commissions report.

Sales Commissions
The Sales Commissions report contains all the necessary information for managing commissions, including the associated invoices.

A best practice to managing commissions is to use date filters for a specific pay period, and to filter by paid invoices. You don't want to pay commissions on money that hasn't come in yet (unpaid or overdue invoices). 

  1. In the report adjust the date range for the pay period

  2. Click Apply

  3. Click Add Filter

  4. Click Invoice Status

  5. Click Any

  6. Click Paid

  7. Click Add Filter

  8. Click User

  9. Click Any

  10. Click the User's name

Scroll to the bottom to see the commission total for that user. Repeat for your other techs.

Sales Commissions Auto Split Production
If you have two techs on one Work Order, use this report. It functions the same as the Sales Commissions report, except it does the math for you in splitting the commission.

July 2017
Updated, September 2019

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