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Create the parameters for your Work Orders

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From this page you set the criteria for how Work Orders interact in Fieldwork and how they look to your customers. 

Key Points

  • Enabling/disabling a setting affects all Work Orders

Starting Work Order #

You can set the number for the first Work Order you enter into Fieldwork. Each Work Order added after that will increment by one. The default is 1000.

Disable auto-sending reports

Work Orders are emailed to customers upon completion. When [x] Disable auto-sending reports is selected, it disables the automatic sending of all work orders upon completion to all your customers. 

Any text entered in the addendum or footer will appear on the Work Order. This is a good place to add information that the customer might want to know, such as accessibility to Material labels and MSDS, poison hotline, Service Portal access, etc. 

Show environment fields

Selecting this will put temperature, wind speed, wind direction, square footage in the mobile app.

Automatically mark passed "Scheduled" appointments as "Missed"

As scheduled Work Orders pass by without being completed they will be marked as missed in the Calendar. The color associated to the scheduled Work Order changes to the Missed color.

Attach invoice to completed work order email

All customers will receive one email with the Work Order and the Invoice attached. You can override this global setting on a customer-by-customer basis.

Enable Sales and Tech Commissions

If you pay your staff commissions, select this entry for the Commissions tab to appear on Work Orders.

Hide invoice information for new work orders by default

Select this to hide the invoice information from customers and techs. The mobile app Work Order will show $0.00 for pricing and the tech will not be able to input payment in the mobile app. The emailed and printed Work Order will not show the price.

Select this to include SD Sheets and Material labels in the Work Order email for materials used in the Work Order. For more information, see Attaching Material Labels and SD Sheets to a Work Order email

Change completed date (online)

When completing a work order in the past or in the future, this option updates the scheduled date to the day of completion.

Change completed date (mobile)

When completing a work order from the mobile app in the past or in the future, this option updates the scheduled date to the day of completion.

Material name in reports

Choose the name, active material, or name and active material to appear in the Work Order. Note Some states dictate what appears in the Work Order.

Allow users to manually scan devices

This option gives you a choice to allow users to manually enter device information or to force them to use the Fieldwork app scanner.

If you clear the check box, techs will be required to scan the QR/bar codes on traps using the Fieldwork mobile app scanner. This means they must approach each trap and scan it, as opposed to perhaps sitting in a truck at a 7-11 parking lot and manually entering in the information.

Show series notes on work orders tab

This option shows the Service Instructions of a series under the Service of a Work Order in the Work Orders tab.

Add commissions automatically

Adds the commission of the assigned tech (Schedule tab) to the Commissions tab based on that user's commission values in Settings/Users & Routes. Enable Sales and Tech Commissions must be enabled above.

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