Now you can automatically sync your time entries from Financial Cents with QuickBooks Online to seamlessly create invoices for your clients.

When sync’d your time entries from Financial Cents will automatically be displayed in QuickBooks Online while creating invoices as seen below.

***Once integrated all your time logs will automatically be synced so you never have to manually push your time into QuickBooks Online.

It is also a 2-way integration. Which means:

  • If you log or edit a time entry in Financial Cents, it will update in QuickBooks Online

  • If you log or edit a time entry in QuickBooks Online, it will update in Financial Cents

This ensures the time entries are are always up to date in both systems and that your invoices are accurate!

Below are the steps to sync your time entries between Financial Cents and QuickBooks Online.

1) Add Clients

First, you will need to add your clients by integrating with QuickBooks Online which can be done by clicking the “+ Integration” button on the “Integrations” tab.

Next, you will need to link your employees in QuickBooks Online to Financial Cents so QuickBooks Online can identify who on your staff is tracking specific time logs.

***If you are a solo firm you will still need to link your FC account with your own employee record in QuickBooks Online.

3) Upload Past Time Logs

Lastly, you will need to manually push all your past time logs into QuickBooks Online by clicking "Upload past time logs."

***You will only have to do this one time because all time entries will automatically sync between QuickBooks Online and Financial Cents after the integration is completed.

Once completed, you will be able to seamlessly create invoices with your time tracked in Financial Cents.

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