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Move chapters and scenes on the outline
Move chapters and scenes on the outline

🪄 Reorder your manuscript effortlessly with drag and drop magic!

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Want to play around with the structure of your story? With First Draft Pro, rearranging your manuscript is as easy as drag and drop! Whether it’s scene cards or chapter cards, you can move them around on the outline, and the associated text will follow suit.

How to reorder

  1. Go to the outline: Here, you’ll see your scene and chapter cards.

  2. Drag and drop: Simply grab the card you want to move and drop it to its new location. The text within those chapters and scenes will automatically relocate in your manuscript, keeping everything in sync!

Why it’s handy

This feature lets you take a step back and view your manuscript from a higher level, allowing you to easily control and refine the shape and structure of your story. It’s all about giving you the flexibility to craft your story the way you envision it!

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