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Exporting your project
Exporting your project

📂 One click to export and enjoy flexibility with formats like Word and PDF.

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Ready to share your project or save it elsewhere? With just a simple click, you can send your entire manuscript to Google Drive!

Quick export steps

  1. Click the drive icon: It’s right there on the top toolbar!

  2. Sync if needed: If you haven’t done this before, you’ll get a prompt to approve Google Drive syncing. Just follow the steps!

  3. Export your manuscript: Your draft will move smoothly over to Google Drive. Super simple!

A few things to note

  • Outline and notes stay put: These will remain in First Draft Pro since they’re not currently exportable.

  • Download in your preferred format: Once your project is in Drive, you can easily download it as a Word document or PDF, whatever you prefer!

If you're struggling to export, check that all third-party cookie blockers are disabled on your browser as this might be blocking your export.

Also worth noting: If you'd like to share your work with an early reader, co-author, or editor you might like to send a shared excerpt instead of exporting a copy. 👌

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