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Creating a read-only sharing link
Creating a read-only sharing link

πŸ“– Share your writing with friends and beta readers.

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You can create a read-only link to a shared excerpt of your work-in-progress and send this to your friends, writing buddies, your mom, or anyone else you choose! They will only be able to read the chapters that you include in the excerpt, and they won't be able to edit your work.

Click on the share icon in your project:

Select the chapters you'd like included in your shared excerpt:

Copy the link to your shared excerpt, and send this to your reader:

This is what your shared excerpt will look like to your reader: they will see the chapters you've included in the excerpt as well as the title and description of your project.

πŸ“Œ Each time you create a shared excerpt, it generates a snapshot at that moment. This snapshot will not update if you edit your work. You will need to generate a new link each time.

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