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Using scene prompts
Using scene prompts

📝 Use overarching scene notes as writing prompts

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Scene prompts are your handy little guides to the scenes in your novel, helping you keep track and stay focused whether you’re a meticulous plotter or a spontaneous pantser!

You can find and manage these prompts easily in the scene tab within the manuscript view. Here’s how you can make the most of them:

For the plotters

If you love having every detail planned out before you dive into writing, scene prompts are your best friends!

  1. Check your plans: While writing, glance at your scene prompts to recall what you’ve plotted for the current scene and what’s coming up next.

  2. Stay on track: Knowing your next steps keeps your writing fluid and directed towards your planned outcome.

For the pantsers

If you’re more of a dive-in-and-see-where-it-goes writer, scene prompts can still be super helpful!

  1. Make notes as you go: Jot down the essence of your scenes while you write.

  2. Get a fuller view later: ‘Zoom out’ to the outline view to see your entire story and adjust as needed. AI summarization can be a big help here!

Additional handy features

  • Delete scenes: Clean up your scene tab as needed.

  • Update descriptions with AI summarisation: Keep your scene descriptions fresh and concise.

  • Add new scenes: Easily insert new scenes into your manuscript.

  • Navigate with ease: Scroll through scenes or jump from a scene to its corresponding outline card for smooth navigation.

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