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Importing an existing draft
Importing an existing draft

πŸ“š Import an existing draft to First Draft Pro via quick import.

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Whether you're embarking on a novel writing project, compiling research for an academic paper, or drafting a captivating non-fiction piece, every writer understands the importance of seamless continuity.

😊 Fortunately, First Draft Pro provides a hassle-free 'Quick Import' option for your existing .doc and .docx documents. Let’s break down the steps:

Before you start

For best results, make sure your document is set-up to import properly by following our guidelines.

Uploading Your File

1. Start a New Project: On the main interface of First Draft Pro, click on the "Add Project" button.

2. Quickly Import: A dropdown list will appear. From here, choose the "Quickly Import" option.

3. Choosing Your File: A file browser will open, allowing you to locate the file you want to upload. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your file directly into the import box. Please make sure your file has the .doc or .docx extension, as these are the supported formats.

4. Upload & Preview: Once your file is selected, hit "Upload file". First Draft Pro will generate an import preview for you to review. If the preview appears distorted, please check our import guidelines to make sure your document is set up correctly.

5. Project Details: A window will display the project name, which defaults to your file's name, and the project's word count, derived from the document's total word tally. You can adjust the word count to match your end goal if you're still drafting. Note: You can always revisit these details later.

6. AI Auto-Summarization: You'll be presented with a choice to leverage our AI technology to auto-summarize scenes from your manuscript for your project outline. Here's some information about how this works.

7. Finalize the Upload: Once all settings are adjusted to your satisfaction, click on "Create Project".

Setting Up Your Project Metadata

Next, we'll ask you to add some project metadata. Follow the prompts in the setup wizard to set your:

1. Genre: Categorize your project by selecting the appropriate genre.

2. Project Description: Write a concise summary or description of your project.

3. Project Structure: Decide on your project's architecture. Choose if you'd prefer numbered chapters, wish to include a prologue, or have other structural preferences.

That's everything! We'll set your project up for you, summarise your scenes on the outline (if you selected this option), and take you straight into your manuscript to continue writing where you left off.

A heads-up: Currently, the import feature will not import images or comments associated with your .doc or .docx file into First Draft Pro. We're working on adding this functionality to the import feature in the future!

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