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How to turn off chapter numbering
How to turn off chapter numbering

πŸ”’ How to turn off chapter numbering if your project lacks numbered chapters or you're writing short stories or poetry.

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It might be necessary to turn off chapter numbering for a variety of reasons related to the nature of your writing or the structure of your book.

Reasons to Turn Off Chapter Numbering

First Draft Pro automatically numbers chapters in your project. However, in some cases, you might want to disable this feature. Here are a few examples where turning off chapter numbering might be beneficial:

1. Non-Numbered Chapters: Some books or projects don't follow a typical numbered chapter system. For instance, your book might be structured using named chapters instead of numbered ones. Turning off chapter numbering can help maintain your preferred structure for such projects.

2. Short Story Collections: If you're working on a collection of short stories, each story might be self-contained and not follow a specific order, like chapters in a book.

3. Poetry and Verse: If you're writing a book of poetry or verse, individual poems typically don't need chapter numbers.

Now that we've explored why you might want to turn off chapter numbering in First Draft Pro, let's look at the steps.

Turning Off Chapter Numbering in First Draft Pro

1. Open Your Project: From your project dashboard, select the project you want to change. A single click will open your settings in the right sidebar (a double click will open the project itself).

2. Navigate to the Settings Tab: Look for the settings tab in the right sidebar of your project interface.

3. Change Project Options: Under the "Project Options" section, you will find settings related to your project layout. Look for the "Chapter numbering" option.

4. Uncheck Chapter Numbering: Once you've located the "Chapter numbering" option, simply uncheck the box beside it. This will disable automatic chapter numbering for your current project.

Remember, you can always re-enable chapter numbering by navigating to the same location and checking the "Chapter numbering" option.

First Draft Pro offers you the flexibility to structure your writing project according to your preferences. Whether you're penning an anthology of poems, crafting a series of short stories, or writing a novel with unique chapter names, you have the freedom to choose how your content is presented. As always, it's crucial to consider your readers' expectations and how they will interact with your work.

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