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Add a prologue or preface to your manuscript
Add a prologue or preface to your manuscript

🔖 How to add a prologue to your fiction manuscript, or a preface to your non-fiction manuscript

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In First Draft Pro, you have the option to include a Prologue in fiction projects or a Preface in non-fiction projects – useful for setting the tone, background, or context for your story or subject matter.

  • Prologue (Fiction Projects): A prologue is usually used in fiction to provide background information, set the stage, or offer insights that are relevant to the plot. It's essentially a scene or series of scenes that take place before the main story begins.

  • Preface (Non-fiction Projects): A non-fiction preface explains the author's intentions and the purpose of the work or acknowledges assistance or sources. It’s the author’s chance to explain why they wrote the book and what they hope the reader will gain from it.

Enabling a Prologue or Preface in First Draft Pro

Here are the steps to turn on a Prologue for fiction projects or a Preface for non-fiction projects:

1. Navigate to the Project Dashboard: Open First Draft Pro and go to your project dashboard. This is where you'll see a list of all your projects.

2. Select Your Project: Choose the project where you want to add a Prologue or Preface by clicking on it once. This will open the project's main interface.

3. Go to the Settings Tab: Once your project is open, look for the settings tab, usually located in the right sidebar or top navigation menu, and click on it.

4. Enable Prologue/Preface under Project Options: Find the "Project Options" section within the settings tab. Here, you will see an option for "Prologue/Preface". Check the box next to this option to enable it.

Once you've enabled the Prologue/Preface option, a new section will be created at the beginning of your manuscript. You can now start writing your Prologue or Preface as required.

Moving any other chapter into this position in your manuscript will become the prologue/preface.

Remember, if you are working on a fiction project, the option will be for a Prologue, whereas in a non-fiction project, it will be for a Preface.

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