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πŸ’₯ Nanowrimo Day 5: The inciting incident continued
πŸ’₯ Nanowrimo Day 5: The inciting incident continued

What to write for NaNoWriMo today, based on the classic 3-act story structure.

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This week, you're taking your characters from their current day-to-day life to their decision to go after their external goal.

What to write today​

Today, you're writing the inciting incident [6668–8335 words]:

  • Your inciting incident will happen at around 7500 words, and you'll use around 850 words to unpack it. This is the event that drives your protagonist out of their comfort zone. It must be something that cannot be resolved on its own, and it must require direct intervention.

  • It should grip your reader's attention. After this point, they must not want to turn back. Your readers should already like your protagonist, and want to see them win.

Want a different sort of prompt? Begin a paragraph with the line: "It didn't seem like much at the time..." 🩻

Update your running editorial note

At the end of the day make a note of any off-course deviations, potential inconsistencies, areas to research further, or moments of inspiration to revisit when you edit in December/January.

More resources

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