Get started as a Coaching Provider

The most important steps to get up and running on Fitr as a coaching provider

5 articles

Get started as a Client

The top tips to get started as a client

3 articles

Platform YouTube Walkthroughs

A collection of videos guiding you around the Fitr platform

15 articles

White Label

Articles on how to add custom branding in a few simple steps

26 articles


Connect Fitr with 5,000+ Apps using Zapier

10 articles


Learn about our partnership with HYROX and what it means for Fitr coaches

2 articles


Everything related to promoting, selling and managing programs on Fitr

49 articles

Programming for your clients

A collection of short how-to guides all related to the programming features of Fitr. We will continue to add to these over time.

35 articles


An overview of what's possible from your main 'Clients' area in the top navigation menu.

21 articles

Your Storefront

FAQs and guides related to your Storefront

4 articles


Everything to do with messaging on Fitr

7 articles


Learn about using Resources in Fitr

5 articles

Your Feed

A collection of articles about your feed area

3 articles

My Accounts & Account Settings

Everything you need to know about your coaching accounts on Fitr.

30 articles

General FAQs

A collection of more general FAQs we're asked.

11 articles


How to download our apps

2 articles

Font and Screen Adjustments

Make Fitr Training look perfect on any screen you use.

2 articles

Supported Browsers

What's the best browser for Fitr?

1 article
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