Get started as a Coaching Provider

The most important steps to get up and running on Fitr as a coaching provider

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Get started as a Client

The top tips to get started as a client

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Platform YouTube Walkthroughs

A collection of videos guiding you around the Fitr platform

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White Label

Articles on our White Label upgrade

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Everything related to promoting, selling and managing programs on Fitr

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Programming for your clients

A collection of short how-to guides all related to the programming features of Fitr. We will continue to add to these over time.

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An overview of what's possible from your main 'Clients' area in the top navigation menu.

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Your Storefront

FAQs and guides related to your Storefront

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Everything to do with messaging on Fitr

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Your Feed

A collection of articles about your feed area

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My Accounts & Account Settings

Everything you need to know about your coaching accounts on Fitr.

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General FAQs

A collection of more general FAQs we're asked.

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Fitr Apps

How to download our apps

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Font and Screen Adjustments

Make Fitr Training look perfect on any screen you use.

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Supported Browsers

What's the best browser for Fitr?

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Connect Fitr with 5,000+ Apps using Zapier

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