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Can I use two Firebase Projects as environments?
Can I use two Firebase Projects as environments?

How to manage your project environments

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Flamelink does not facilitate using 2 Firebase projects as separate environments, instead, Flamelink's Multiple Environment feature facilitates setting up different environments within the same project to allow you to easily manage data between environments.

If you are using two Firebase projects, you will need to manually transfer the data from one project to another project, with either a custom cloud function or backend service that you trigger (you can use webhooks to notify your backend if you do not use cloud functions).

Getting started with the Multiple environments

Creating multiple environments
Click here to learn more about creating multiple environments.

Switching between environments

Environments are isolated, ie. If you make changes to your project in one environment it will not change the other. You can, however, copy the data between environments if you wish to do so or use our workflows feature to help facilitate the promotion of data between environments.


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