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Make bulk updates to work orders
Make bulk updates to work orders

Learn how to make changes to multiple work orders at once

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2. Click into table view.

3. Click "Bulk actions" and you will see a list of actions you can do to multiple work orders at one time.

4. Click this dropdown to show the max allowed per page to ensure you see them all as the "select all" will only be for the visible page.

5. Filter by site and location.

6. Click "Filter" to filter the work orders.

7. Click the "Filter page.." field to search and filter by key words.

8. If you wanted to select all on the page click the top arrow and all work orders will have the green check mark to be updated.

9. Click on the work orders you want to make bulk changes to.

10. Click "Bulk actions" icon.

11. Select the action you want to preform. For this example we will click "Change Assigned To"

12. It will open a second drop down box on the right. Click "Select"

13. Select the user you want to assign the work orders to.

14. Click "Submit"

15. Click "Confirm"

16. If you want to make another bulk action that is different make sure you click into the "Bulk action" selection and then click "Clear selection"

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