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Sorting and Filtering Work Orders
Sorting and Filtering Work Orders

Learn how to quickly sort and filter work orders from all available views

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2. Click "Filter" to quickly filter work orders.

3. Scroll through a list of filters to sort.

4. Some filters will be sorted further. For example, Priority can be filtered by assigned severity.

5. Click "Clear filters" to delete all filters applied.

6. Click on the 'x' to clear only the specific filter applied.

7. Click the '+' button to add more filters to the search.

8. You can filter work orders by sites.

9. Click the sites you want to filter by or clear selection.

10. Can even filter by locations.

11. Click the table view button to view work orders in a table layout and away from the default list view.

12. Click "Bulk actions" in table view to change or print multiple work orders.

13. Click the settings icon to change the columns of the table view.

14. Select or deselect the information you want and hit close.

15. Click the calendar button to view work orders in a calendar view.

16. You can toggle on and off filters as well as change the calendar view by time frame or agenda.

17. If you have maps enabled you can view work orders in a map view by clicking 'Map'.

18. If you have layouts enabled you can view work orders in a layout view by clicking 'Layouts'.

19. You can use the '+Filter' on any view.

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