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Equipment & Asset Management
Equipment & Asset Management

Learn how to manage equipment and assets easily in FlowPath

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2. Click on equipment.

3. You will see all your equipment in a table view and to edit your user only view, click the gear button.

4. Select which columns you want to see and you can also rearrange the order they show by dragging.

5. If your equipment is set it QR codes, or similar, you can select this button to scan to bring you to the specific equipment.

6. A pop up will show to have you take a picture of the code or upload a photo.

7. You can filter the table by sites.

8. You can filter the table by locations.

9. You can use many of our other filters as well by clicking on the + Filter.

10. Select which filters you want to apply, can be more than one.

11. Click the "Filter page.." field to filter search by a key word.

12. To view a piece of equipment, click into the name of the piece you need to view.

13. You will be able to see the equipment site and location, see or update a picture and see any current meter readings if metered and can change the info by selecting the drop downs.

14. You can view and edit the manufacture, model number, any useful dates and the category along with any preferred vendors.

15. You can add notes regarding the piece of equipment.
Add operating certifications if applicable.

16. You can see any work orders, PM schedules, and reservations for the piece of equipment along with adding any of the following by clicking the + add buttons.

17. Toggle "Is Metered" if equipment needs to have meter readings.

18. Pending permissions, you can delete, archive or duplicate equipment along with show logs of changes for any equipment.

19. To add a new piece of equipment, click "Create Equipment"

20. You will see the same fields and input all relevant information on the new piece of equipment.

21. Click "Update" to finish adding the equipment.

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