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How to Create an Inspection
How to Create an Inspection

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create an inspection work order.

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2. Click "Inspections"

3. You can view all your inspections created from this page and use our filters to search for specific inspection schedules.

4. Click "Create Inspection" for a new one.

5. Name your inspection.

6. Select from your categories.

7. Choose the location.

8. Choose the site.

9. Select the user this inspection will be assigned to or you can assign a user group.

10. Click the "Cadence Start" field and select your date and time of the inspection.

11. If you want the inspections to be repeatable, make sure to toggle on.

12. Click "Select cadence" and choose from the dropdown.

13. You can Auto-close items by toggling this option on. If a close items time is selected, the Inspection Items of a work order will become read-only once the set time has passed after the creation of the work order.

14. For example, after 4 months, the inspection items will be read-only and not be able to be closed out in the work order.

15. To add items for the inspection, click "Create New Item"

16. Enter the item title of the inspection task and you can filter for the site, location and equipment that task will belong to.

17. If a image or meter reading will be required, select the box.

18. Enter a description of the item as necessary.

19. Click "Create"

20. Click "Create New Item" to add additional tasks to the inspection.

21. Click "Update Inspection"

22. To view your new inspection click "Inspections"

23. You will find your new inspection schedule.

24. If you need to trigger and inspection before a new work order is generated from the cadence, inside the inspection schedule, click "Trigger Inspection" and then click "Create Work Order"

25. The work order will be generated under the scheduled list and will be tagged by "Inspection" on the work order home page.

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