Students are required to complete the 40 mandated hours and 26 required class topics. All classes must be taken live online, webinar-style with a licensed instructor at the scheduled times.

You can find a list of the required classes below:

The Basics

Property Rights

Interests In Real Estate

Limitations on Property Rights Part 1

Limitations on Property Rights Part 2

Limitations on Property Rights Part 3

Transfer of Property Part 1

Transfer of Property Part 2


Contracts in Practice


Property Valuation Part 1

Property Valuation Part 2

Introduction to Financing

Real Estate Financing

Government Financing Programs

Government Financing Regulations

Consumer Protection

Introduction to Fair Housing

Fair Housing Law

Fair Housing in Practice

Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency in Practice

Manufactured Housing

New Hampshire Licensing Law

All About the NH Real Estate Test

You can take the classes in whatever order you like. There's no required order for the class modules, though some classes have prerequisites (e.g. you can't take Limitations on Property Rights Part 2 before taking Part 1). Prerequisites can be viewed on the live class schedule.

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