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Can I take more than 19 hours of on demand time?
Can I take more than 19 hours of on demand time?

Wondering if you can watch videos for more than 19 hours? Wonder no more!

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Yes and no. In Massachusetts there is a requirement that you take at least 21 hours of your class when an instructor is available for real-time interaction. You cannot count more than 19 hours of purely on demand classes towards your 40 hour course requirement.

So you can't take the class entirely on demand without a live instructor present under the State licensing regulations. That's State law - sorry! Nothing past 19 hours on demand counts towards your course completion or licensing requirement. This time is automatically tracked on your account, and any time past 19 hours needs to have a live instructor available for real-time interaction either during a live-streaming class or a scheduled live interaction session.

That being said, you are absolutely permitted to watch more than 19 hours of on demand class content for review purposes to study. It just won't count towards your 40 hours or required topics after 19 hours. So you can watch the videos and take the practice tests as many times as you want!

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