How do I access my Persist program?

I just started with FBB and I am looking for my workouts. Where do I go to find my Persist program?

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We deliver workout programs via several different methods here at FBB. Here is how you access your Persist program.


Persist is delivered through ATOM. After you sign up for your Persist subscription we will set up your ATOM account. You will receive an email invitation to ATOM within a few hours of your purchase.

The ATOM invitation email will be coming from "Atom Training" at If you have not received your invitation email within a few hours be sure to double-check your spam folder and search for

The ATOM invitation email will include a link to set your account password.

If you cannot locate the invitation email head to, enter the email address you used to purchase your Persist subscription, enter your desired password, and click “sign in.” This will get you into your ATOM account.

PRO TIP: ATOM is a web-based program but you can create a linked app to your home page on your phone for easy access.

Here is a short article on how to create a linked app to your home page.

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