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General Training - Frequently Asked Questions
General Training - Frequently Asked Questions

How to optimize FBB workouts. Examples: What is tempo? Aerobic substitutions?

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Completing your first day of training in ATOM
Knees Over Toes + Functional Bodybuilding!
Where Can I Find The Mobility Library?
Is there an ATOM app for iOS/Android?
Aerobic Substitutions
What Does A Slash (15/10)Mean In My Programming?
Movement Substitutions
Video Library - Search and View all 1000+ videos from our FBB Library
Persist Athlete Support: Get In-"app" ATOM Support
RPE: What does this mean?
Persist: Form Reviews
Looking to Deload?
Persist Training: I just signed up. Why does my program not start with Week 1 - Day 1?
Choosing Loads: What Weight Should I Choose?
How do I access my Persist program?
Managing Your Persist Training with the Crossfit Open
Persist Training: What do rep schemes like 4,4,4 mean?
Cluster Sets: What Do Numbers 1.1 or 2.2 Mean?
Persist Training: What if I only have 3 or 4 days to train?
Combining Persist Tracks: What if I want to do more than one track?
Supersets: What do I do when there is more than one exercise within a training section?
How to Read TEMPO: What does 32X1 Mean?!
Movement / Exercise Breakdowns
Time Interval Supersets: What Does Every 75 Sec x 6 Sets or Every 90 Sec x 6 Sets Mean?
Pacing Efforts: What Does "Grinder", "Interval" and "Sustained" Mean?
Viewing workouts and switching tracks in ATOM
Persist Training: Do I Complete Each Track Every Day?
Training Journal: How do I log workouts and view my training history in ATOM?
What Equipment is Needed for Persist?
Reading Conditioning Formats
Streaks and Total Workout Count
How Do I Access My eBook Program(s)?
PDF Version of the Weekly Persist Workouts