Let's take a look at some common conditioning formats you'll find in Functional Bodybuilding programs, and how to perform them:

Movement Ladders



Air Squat

Push Up

Alternate back and forth between the movements, following the rep scheme. Perform 10 Air Squats, then 10 Push Ups. Then 8 Air Squats, 8 Push Ups, 6 Air Squats, 6 Push Ups, etc. until all of the reps are complete.


This is short for "As Many Rounds As Possible" or "As Many Reps As Possible" if referring to just one movement. However, Functional Bodybuilding places an emphasis on quality, so think of this as "move to complete as many rounds/reps as possible within the given time frame, without sacrificing movement quality."

8min AMRAP
1 Bottoms-Up KB TGU R (light to moderate)
1 Bottoms-Up KB TGU L (light to moderate)
10m Single Arm KB Farmers Carry R 70/53lbs
10m Single Arm KB Farmers Carry L 70/53lbs

Start a clock and from 0 - 8 minutes, move continuously through this list of movements: 1 Bottoms-Up Turkish Get Up on the right side, one on the left, then a 10 meter Single Arm Carry on each arm, then back to the Turkish Get Ups. Weights are suggested for male/female but scale as needed.

Buy In, Cash Out

In this workout format, you'll see a movement you must complete at the beginning, usually followed by a circuit, and then perhaps another movement to complete after the circuit before the workout is finished.

Example of a Buy In:

For Time @ High Effort
BIke 1600/1300m
DB Thruster 50/35lbs
Toes to Bar
*Time Cap 7mins

Bike 1600 meters or 1300 meters (male/female), then complete the movement ladder of 21 Thrusters, 21 Toes to Bar, 15 Thrusters, 15 Toes to Bar, 9 Thrusters, then 9 Toes to Bar. (This workout does not end with a Cash Out.)

EMOMs, Every [X] Seconds or Minutes

EMOM stands for "Every Minute On the Minute" - for example, a 10 minute EMOM of 20 Double Unders would mean starting a clock and at minutes 0, 1, 2, etc. all the way through minute 9, you'd perform 20 Double Unders and then rest until the top of the next minute. The idea is to alternate work and rest, though the amount of rest depends on your workout and your ability. If you find time running out before you are supposed to start your next set, be sure to scale back until you are resting. An EMOM may entail around 30 seconds of rest to give an idea.

You will also commonly see the same format, but instead of work being performed Every Minute, it could be Every 45 seconds, Every 2 minutes, etc. Keep an eye on the clock and pace yourself accordingly.


Every 4mins x 5 Sets
10 Pushups
12 Plank Walk Ups (6/side)
15 Cobra Air Squats
18 Cobra Jump Lunges (9/side)

*Aim is to finish sets in 2:00 or less for each round, so scale accordingly

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