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Persist Track Summary
Persist Track Summary
A brief description of each track offered within Persist
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Your Persist subscription includes 4 training tracks - you will get to select which ones you'd like to see in your account during your onboarding with us. If you'd like to add on or change your selections later, you can reach out to Athlete support in your app or the chat bubble on the site here (bottom righthand corner of your screen). Below is a little description of each track.

**Pillars** - 60 minute workouts, 4 days per week, emphasis on very clear orientation to FBB for those who are new. Straightforward equipment needs to take less time to set up, and less complexity in movements and workouts than in the other tracks.

**Pump** - Formerly Body Comp. 5x per week 75 minute workouts with short on time options if you need to complete the workout in 60 minutes. Focus on building visible muscle, while still moving well. Some of the workouts get toward the longer side as the volume increases. If you want to add muscle mass or focus on physique, this track is for you.

**Perform** - 5x per week 90 minute workouts with short on time options. Focus on athletic performance, movement exploration, trying new training concepts. More equipment, movement complexity, and workout complexity than the other tracks - this is for the athlete who likes to nerd out a little on fitness, or try all the fun new things, or really get after it. Perform is the only track that includes Olympic lifting.

**Minimalist** - Combo of Pump and Perform, with minimal or no equipment - the workouts are typically 75 minutes with short on time options. Can be done on its own or used as an option in a pinch when equipment is an obstacle.

For best results, or if you are new to Functional Bodybuilding, we recommend starting with one track and sticking with it for a 6 week training cycle unless you need to incorporate the Minimalist track for equipment purposes. Once you get a feel for the program you can always add on another track whenever you're ready. Reach out to Athlete Support any time if you have any questions about the track that's right for you.

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