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Viewing workouts and switching tracks in ATOM
Viewing workouts and switching tracks in ATOM

In this article we will walk through the basics of the workout viewer, track switching and much more!

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Workout view in ATOM

If you are looking for your workouts in ATOM, from your dashboard, locate the "Daily Training" section, use the arrow to scroll through the available tracks, click on "Start" in the bottom left of your preferred track and you will be brought to today's training! It is that easy 😎

Toggling Tracks

ATOM gives you the ability to toggle tracks without the assistance of Persist Customer Support. All you need to do is:

  • navigate to the day of training you would like to complete

  • find the track selector in the top-right of your screen and click on the track selected by default.

  • toggle to the track you would like to complete and select it from the drop-down list

Changing Dates or viewing previous workouts

  • From the workout view, click on the date to open up the full calendar view

  • Select the date you are looking to view, and use arrows to change months

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