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What Equipment is Needed for Persist?
What Equipment is Needed for Persist?
Equipment breakdown for the tracks in Persist
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Keep in mind that to follow the Persist program, you don't need any equipment at all if you choose the Minimalist track - so if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can't get to the gym, you'll still be able to train with bodyweight. Minimalist also comes with low equipment options where all you need is a set of dumbbells or kettlebells.

For the other tracks, here's a full equipment list broken down into roughly how often each piece is called for - but you can substitute as needed.

Used in most or all workouts (except Minimalist):

  • Bench

  • DBs (moderate working set weight & metcons)

  • KBs (moderate working set weight & metcons) - 50/35# is used for metcons as recommended weight for males/females, but adjust as needed

  • Pull up bar

  • Barbell (Perform is the only track with Olympic lifts if you have an Oly bar available)

  • Weight plates

  • Bike or rower

  • Bands if need to assist pull ups or mobility work

Used in some workouts:

  • Rings

  • Jump rope

  • Heavy KBs (>= 70# for carries)

  • Slantboard (alt option: lift heels on a bumper plate)

  • Rig or post to hold onto or attach a band to

  • Bar for dips (alt options: ring or bench)

  • light DBs

  • light KBs

  • Landmine (or simply wedge a barbell with one end on the floor)

  • Box

Occasionally used:
- GHD (fine to sub with regular sit-ups)
- shorty bands
- wall space for wall walks

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