What Equipment is Needed for Persist?

Equipment breakdown for the tracks in Persist

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To follow the Persist program you do not need a great deal of equipment if you choose the Minimalist track. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can't get to the gym, you will still be able to train with just a few pieces of equipment (set of kettlebells or dumbbells, bands).

For the other tracks (Pillars, Perform, Pump Condition, Pump Lift), here is a full equipment list broken down into roughly how often each piece is called for. Keep in mind, you can substitute equipment and exercises as needed based on your equipment availability.

Used in most or all workouts (except Minimalist):

  • Bench

  • Dumbbells (moderate working set weight & metcons)

  • Kettlebells (moderate working set weight & metcons)
    **50/35 pounds is used for metcons as recommended weight for males/females but can always be adjusted as needed

  • Pull up bar

  • Barbell
    **Perform is the only track with Olympic lifts, if you have an Olympic bar available

  • Weight plates

  • Bike or rower

  • Bands, if needed, to assist with pull ups or mobility work

Used in some workouts:

  • Rings

  • Jump rope

  • Heavy Ketllebells
    **greater or equal to 70 pounds for carries

  • Slantboard
    **alternate option: lift heels on a bumper plate

  • Rig or post to hold onto or attach a bands

  • Bar (for dips)
    **alternate options: ring or bench dips

  • Light Dumbbells

  • Light Kettlebells

  • Landmine
    **alternate option: simply wedge a barbell with one end on the floor)

  • Box

Occasionally used:

  • Rings

  • GHD
    **alternate option: substitute with regular sit-ups

  • Shorty bands

  • Wall space for wall walks

Looking for body weight only workouts for times you can't make the gym or on travel / vacation? Check out the "Workshops" tab in ATOM for 50 sessions of Minimalist - No Equip.

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