Movement Substitutions

Short list of common movement substitutions

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For some exercises, we provide regressions or alternates within the workouts. If there is an arrow to the left of the exercise you can click to open up a drop down that will provide an alternate.

If the alternate does not work for you, and is not listed in the workouts or below, please reach out to us via the chat bubble and we can provide another exercise!

Strict Toes to Bar

  • Banded reverse crunches or hanging knee tucks

Strict Pull Ups

  • Banded pull ups

  • Partner assisted pull ups

  • Lat pull down

  • Table body row

  • Pillowcase door row

Handstand Walk

  • Quadruped crawl

  • Pike handstand shoulder tap

  • Dumbbell bear crawl

Handstand Push Up

  • Pike handstand push up

Double Unders

  • Dumbbell Suitcase Lateral Hops over stick or dumbbell, 5-10lbs/hand

  • Single Unders x 2 per prescribed Double Unders

  • Jump with penguin taps (tap hips twice per jump)

  • High knees run in place

  • Butt kickers

Sled Push/Pull

  • Band pull through

  • Plate push or pull

  • Dumbbell bear crawl

GHD Hip Extension

  • Supine hip extension

  • Rig one up with a bench and barbell

  • Hook feet under a bench while lying prone on top

  • Use a ball or side of a couch


We usually provide a non machine substitution for these exercises within the workout, if you click on the exercise it will open up a drop-down with an alternate.

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