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Knees Over Toes + Functional Bodybuilding!
Knees Over Toes + Functional Bodybuilding!

How can I tie "Knees Over Toes" training into my Functional Bodybuilding routine?

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Functional Bodybuilding encourages all its participants to become “thinking athletes” and continue to evolve their understanding of training, nutrition, and lifestyle practices.

As a lifelong student of fitness, Marcus found the work of Ben Patrick (aka Kneesovertoesguy) and started experimenting with it in training, and was blown away.
Ben and Marcus struck up a friendship, and with his blessing, we began mixing some of his methods into the Persist training subscription, with great results. Just like the thousands of participants of Ben’s ATG programs, our athletes were also feeling strong, stable, and springy.

If you’re struggling with Knee Pain, Ben’s ATG program is a great place to start. And if you’d like to incorporate full-body strength and conditioning, Functional Bodybuilding can enhance your knee recovery. Since we have some ATG movements in our Persist program already, a good way to blend both programs is to follow the ATG program of your choice and use those as warm-ups for Persist. You can skip any duplicate Persist movements that you already completed that day in your ATG training.

Of note, you’ll find knee-friendly protocols in the Persist ( training subscription, as well as in our Beyond Knee Pain ebook ( (only $9 for Persist subscribers). You can also learn more about blending ATG methods and Functional Bodybuilding with these resources:

Ben and Marcus take on knee-friendly strength and conditioning:

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