Where and how to start your training:

It's your first day of training with FBB PERSIST, and you're stoked! You got your new Vivos handy, and you just finished listening to Marcus discuss some mind-blowing content on the FBB podcast. The hype couldn’t get any more real! You whip out your phone and load up the ATOM platform. You start scrolling looking for DAY 1, WEEK 1, and boom! It's not there. Instead, you see DAY3 WEEK4 and think, “how can I start training when I am not starting at the beginning of the cycle?”

Don’t panic; take a deep breath and relax if this is you.

Functional Bodybuilding PERSIST is a live and continuous six-week program. We welcome and encourage all our new athletes to start right away, even beginning mid-cycle. Beginning mid-cycle presents you the opportunity to get accustomed to new movements and terminology and will allow you to explore the core pillars of PERSIST. In this first week, you might have questions regarding the program. Subjects like tempo, loads, movement substitutions, and regressions can be complex to understand at first; this is the perfect opportunity to reach out to our fantastic coaching staff, who can answer your questions and help expand your base knowledge, establish a solid training foundation, and help pave a pathway to success with PERSIST!

To have a successful first week in Persist, here are some coaching recommendations to help you get started.

General Mindset/Training Approach:

  • Start each day by looking at the “coach’s notes” (Section A in your daily workout inside of ATOM); here, you will find the intent for that day’s workout and suggestions for structuring your session if you are short on time.

  • Begin a new cycle with a “LEAVE SOME ON THE TABLE” mentality. You always want to walk away from training in your first week, knowing you could have pushed a little harder on your weights and conditioning. This leaves room for progress in weeks to come and ensures that your body can get used to the new movements.


  • Lower your set counter by 1-2 sets

  • Lower your loads on every strength movement, even if only by 10-20 pounds

  • Do not start off maxing out on every day of training; start slow and light and build over the weeks of training

  • Focus on movement quality and honoring the tempo, if prescribed


  • Limit your weights - Lower the weights prescribed, if any. If not prescribed, keep it light and increase load as these movements come back around in training.

  • Limit your volume by capping yourself 1-2 rounds shy of the prescribed sets and volume.

  • Decrease the amount of time prescribed in a workout. Ex. If a workout says, “in 20 minutes, complete a certain amount of work,” reduce that time by 5 minutes or more to finish without being completely spent.

  • Lowering your RPE- instead of attacking the first week at 90%, we suggest you complete it at 70% of your best effort.

These general rules and recommendations will ensure you have a great first week with Persist! And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our coaches if you have any questions about your training! You can do that by navigating to the message icon in your app (see picture below) or by sending us an email to support@functional-bodybuilding.com.

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