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Training Journal: How do I log workouts and view my training history in ATOM?
Training Journal: How do I log workouts and view my training history in ATOM?

This article will walk you through how to log your workouts and view past workout notes in ATOM's Training Journal feature.

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The Basics of Tracking/Viewing Previous Results in ATOM

Log all of your info in the notes section and then the next time the movement comes up you will be able to reference your notes//logs by clicking on the "i" icon next to the movement or opening up the demo video and clicking on "training journal"

Finding training history in the Training Journal.

From the Dashboard:

  • Select the "Training Journal" tab

  • Select the workout result or workout day that you would like to view
    ​NOTE: Ensure you select the day AND correct training track you would like to view

  • View your training history

From the Daily Workout / "Compare To" Feature:

  • Select the date tile under "Compare To" to view training journal notes from that day; training journal notes will show as long as notes/workout from that day have been logged.
    ​NOTE: This feature is currently offered for the Strength Intensity section only at this time. To find results outside the Strength Intensity section, use the steps listed below in "From the Daily Workout / Demo Videos."

From the Daily Workout / Demo Videos:

  • Select any demo video "information" icon related/attached to a specific movement or exercise

  • The "Training Journal" for the specific movement or exercise will auto-populate at the bottom of the demo video

  • View your training history

How to find previous training data

If you are looking to view past workout information, you can do this by either toggling back to that day in your workout calendar here:

Or you can look for the * in the bottom center of the calendar day where you have results recorded:

Logging Past Workout Results

Click "Training Journal" from your dashboard in the left toolbar, and you will be brought to your Training Journal!

Click "add manual entry" to enter training data from there.

Fill out the popup modal that will allow you to enter the details for this training session or a specific movement.

Your result will now present itself on the main Training Journal page. πŸ’ͺ

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