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Persist Athlete Support: Get In-"app" ATOM Support
Persist Athlete Support: Get In-"app" ATOM Support

Do you have a question about Persist, the training, or just need a little help? Give us a shout! πŸ“£

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As always, you can email us at However, a simpler and quicker way to get support will be to contact us through the chat feature in the ATOM platform.

Any questions about Persist training, billing details, and/or Functional Bodybuilding can be answered here.

Once you click on the chat feature icon you will be brought to our Intercom Chat Helper!

You can quickly search and view help center topics for immediate help.

You can also reach out to Persist Customer / Athlete Support, Mon - Friday, 8:00 am - 8:00 pm PST. Limited support on Weekends and Holidays.

The FBB team will generally respond well within one business day and the team prides itself on quick/prompt responses for all of our Persist members!

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