How Do I Access My eBook Program(s)?

I just started with FBB and I am looking for my workouts. Where do I go to find my eBook program(s)?

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We deliver workout programs via several different methods here at FBB. Here is how you access your eBook program(s).


eBooks are delivered through our FBB website. Once you purchase an FBB eBook you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase and a link to your eBook download.

You can access your eBook program through the link provided in the email. You can also access your eBook by logging in to the My Account page. Once you are logged in to the My Account page you can access all of your eBook purchases through the "Downloads" section/tab.

NOTE: The My Account page is also where you can find past courses purchased prior to June 2021. To access past courses click the link to the legacy site at the top of the page.


If you are a Persist subscriber you already have access to several of our eBooks (PUMP 40, AEROBIC 40, 30/30 Cardio Challenge and the Practical Protein Guide).

To access the eBooks included with your Persist subscription log in to your ATOM account, click the hamburger icon in the top left corner to access the main menu, and select "Additional Resources".

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