Streaks and Total Workout Count

What does the "Total Workouts" and "Current Streak" values mean on my profile tab in ATOM?

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Inside of ATOM, you will see (2) values:

  • Total Workouts: Total workouts logged (all-time) across the entire ATOM platform.

    • this includes Persist Training, Workshops, and Manual Entries into your Training Journal.

  • Current Streak Consecutive weeks of training without missing your workout goal. Your default goal is 3 workouts/wk, which is editable in your profile.

These values are meant to give you better insight into your progress as well as your overall accomplishments as a PERSIST Member.

All you have to do to ensure that you are continuing to get credit for your sessions inside of ATOM, is to click "Log Workout" at the bottom of the workout page.

PS Don't forget to hit log workout on your Recovery Days and Sunday Lessons, if you are completing those as well.

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