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How to change or add hosts to your event

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You can have as many hosts in an event as you'd like. This allows you to have co-hosts and guest speakers without needing to give all participants access to camera and mic in the main event room. There are two ways to add hosts for an event:

Adding hosts prior to an event

After you create an event, you can invite someone to host the event from your group page. Find the event you them to host, and click the three dots "..." in the upper right corner of that event tile, and then choose "Invite Host."

You'll see a space to enter the person's email and a personal note. They will receive an invitation via email to accept your invite to host the event and some materials to help them get started!

Adding a host during your event

If you have host permissions for an event (either as the creator of the event or a member of the event group) it's easy to add additional hosts.

You and the new host will need to join your event - once you're both there you can click on the participant avatars in the upper right hand corner on your event page to expand the participant list.

If you select Make Host, that participant will have host permissions in your event.

There is no limit to the number of hosts permitted in each event.

Check out our Help Center for more info!

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