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Everything you need to know about Gatheround Premium and Groups in Gatheround

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Overview of Groups on Gatheround

Groups are designed to be the common link between you and your community of Organizers, and the hub for all of your events. Every Organizer has access to the events that are tied to the Group (and default Host permissions on those events), and they can add, edit and duplicate the events to enrich the shared content.

More of a visual learner? Check out this quick video with everything you need to know about navigating your group on Gatheround or read on for written instructions::

Navigating to your Group

To get to your Group, hover over your icon/profile picture in the top right of any page on Gatheround, then select your Group from the dropdown. Your Group page url will always start with followed by your unique Group ID.

Types of Group Members

There are two tiers of Group admins: Organizers and Billing Owners.

An Organizer can:

  • View, add, and remove other Organizers

  • Host Group events

  • View, add, and update Group events

  • Upload a logo on behalf of the Group

  • Request event exports

A Billing Owner can do anything an Organizer can do, plus:

  • View, update, and cancel Premium status

  • Change billing information

Adding or Removing Organizers in your Group

There can only be one Billing Owner in the group, but there is no limit to the number of Organizers within a group. Any Organizer can add or remove other Organizers through the Group interface. Enter your co-Organizer’s email and click “Invite”. Their invitation to the Group will be pending until they accept it via email. Note: the invite must be accepted within two weeks or re-sent.

Editing Group Information

Group Organizers can edit the Group's name and logo on their Group page. Click "Settings" in the navigation bar or scroll to the bottom of the page. From here you can edit your Group name (click "Edit") or upload your Group Logo (click "Upload Logo").

Leaving a Group

If you no longer wish to be part of the Group, leaving is as simple as clicking “Remove” on the Group Interface.

Please note that Organizers who leave a group will still have access to any events that they personally created on their Account page.

Updating Billing Information or Changing Your Subscription Type

The Billing Owner of your Group will have the option to update their payment information by clicking “Update Payment” under 'Billing' in the Group page. This link will also bring you to your billing history.

The Billing Owner of a Group will also have the option to end the Group's Premium status by clicking “Cancel Subscription” on the Group page. After canceling, all historical events will still be accessible, but without Premium features.

FAQ: Though I’m the main user of our account, someone else is paying for our Premium status. How can we complete the transaction?

Your Group’s Billing Owner is responsible for the payment on your account. Add the purchaser as an Organizer for your Group and they can upgrade the entire Group to Premium. They will remain as an admin as long as they are the Billing Owner.

Check out our help center for more information!

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