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I've upgraded to Gatheround Premium but my event doesn't have Premium features
I've upgraded to Gatheround Premium but my event doesn't have Premium features

How to associate your event(s) with a Premium group

Updated over a week ago

First, confirm that you have an active Gatheround Premium group

Log into Gatheround and go to your Account page. Then, under "Your Groups", look for a group name with the blue Premium icon next to it.

If you see the Premium icon, this group is active and you'll have access to Premium features. Read on to make sure they're conferred to your events

If you do not see the Premium icon, you are not a part of a group with an active Premium subscription. Subscribe to Premium, or ask the billing owner of a current Premium group to add you as a co-organizer.

Note: If you're having trouble finding your Premium account, confirm that you're logged in via the right email address.

Next, associate your event with your Premium group

Open the event you would like to associate with your Premium group. Then, click "Edit" just below the event name.

Once you're on the event's edit screen, click the "Group" dropdown. Your Premium group, confirmed above, should now appear as an option for this field. Select your Premium group, then save your event.

Once you've saved your event with your Premium group selected, it should appear on your group page. In addition, all Premium features will now be associated with this event, with participants capped at your subscription level.

The easiest way to confirm your event has been associated with your Premium group is by looking at "Event Capacity." It should now reflect your subscription level. If your event is at the limit of participants allowed by your subscription plan, additional participants will not be able to join the event unless you upgrade.

Note: You can associate an unlimited number of events with your Premium group, but you'll have to go through this process for each one.

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