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Troubleshooting 'missing' dates/time slots
Troubleshooting 'missing' dates/time slots
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This guide will help you troubleshoot if you are expecting a certain date or timeslot to be available on your booking page, but are not seeing it.

1. Verify Service Days for Your Location

- Check which day the entered location is serviced.

- Confirm your working status on that day by navigating to Availability → Call Out Hours.

2. Confirm Allocation of Days to Your Location

- Ensure the day is allocated to the zone covering your location.

- Review your Serving Divisions to verify that the day is assigned to the appropriate zone for visible booking slots.

3. Review Your Recurring Break Hours

- Overlapping recurring breaks might be the cause of missing slots.

- Go to Availability → Call Out Hours and examine if your recurring breaks align with the missing times.

4. Inspect Scheduled One-Off Breaks

- One-time breaks could be blocking the availability of slots.

- Check Availability → Schedule a Break for any scheduled one-off breaks that may overlap with the missing dates or times.

5. Ensure Adequate Space in Schedule for Travel Time

- Confirm that there is enough space in your schedule for the day, factoring in travel time from previous bookings.

- GeoWise automatically calculates travel time between appointments. Understanding how back-to-back scheduling works is crucial in ensuring your schedule is optimized for efficiency.

By methodically reviewing these five areas, most issues related to missing dates or times in your GeoWise schedule can be identified and resolved. GeoWise’s scheduling system is tailored to accommodate your specific requirements while factoring in your location, ensuring an organized and efficient booking process.

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