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Factoring in for Travel Time in your Scheduling
Factoring in for Travel Time in your Scheduling
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Updated over a week ago revolutionizes your scheduling by incorporating travel time calculations before presenting available booking slots. This feature is a cornerstone of our approach to efficient time management. Let’s delve into how this integrates with our overall scheduling system:

1. Travel time calculations

When a customer looks to book an appointment, calculates the travel time from your last scheduled location to the customer's address.

The system uses real-time data to consider various factors such as distance, expected traffic, and optimal routes.

2. Location-specific booking slots

This calculated travel time is then integrated into your schedule, influencing the availability shown to each customer.

For instance, if travel time is estimated at 15 minutes, the booking slots available to the customer will reflect this, ensuring there's adequate time for you to commute.

3. Buffer times & delays

You have the option to set buffer times, adding extra minutes to the calculated travel time for added flexibility. In case of a delay, you can also notify all subsequently affected customers within 2 taps from your dashboard.

4. Integrating with Back-to-Back Scheduling

These calculated travel times are integral to our back-to-back scheduling system. By understanding the time needed between appointments, can seamlessly organize your bookings in a consecutive sequence.

This integration means that after your first appointment of the day, subsequent bookings are strategically aligned to minimize idle time and maximize service delivery.

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