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How Back-to-Back scheduling works on
How Back-to-Back scheduling works on
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Back-to-Back Scheduling on

Back-to-back scheduling streamlines your workday, eliminating gaps between bookings and unnecessary trips home. Here's how it works:

1. First Booking Sets the Pace: Your day starts with an open schedule. The first booking determines your initial location.

2. Subsequent Bookings get scheduled consecutively - Following this, new customers see only the slots right before or after existing appointments, leaving you with a gapless sequence of bookings.

3. Travel Time Included: calculates travel time between bookings, ensuring you have enough time to travel between bookings. This is done before any booking slots are presented to customers, by factoring in for each customer's location.

The way this works is:

Your 1st customer for the day will get your full schedule to choose from. (Given that their area is being serviced that day)

Subsequent customers will then only see the timeslots before and after existing bookings, after factoring in for travel time between the existing booking and their location.

For example,

Lets say you are serving East London on Monday's from 12pm-5pm.

Customer 1 gets to choose any time slot between 12pm-5pm. Lets say they choose 3pm.

Customer 2, who's located 12 minutes away from Customer 1, is now trying to make a booking, they will see the following 2 booking slots:

Booking slot 1: 3pm - 15 mins (travel time) - 40 mins (service time) = 2.05 PM
Booking slot 2: 3pm + 15 mins (travel time) + 40 mins (service time) = 3.55 PM

So that you can service both without gaps in between. From the app you can add additional buffer time just incase. And if ever your running late, you can notify all affected bookings within 1 tap from your app dashboard. The app will work out which bookings are affected by the delay based on your booking sequence.

The Key Benefit

Home service providers often lose time with gaps between appointments and travel back home. Back-to-back scheduling, combined with daily service zones, allows you to complete all your bookings efficiently in one continuous sequence.

Ready to Maximize Your Day?'s scheduling system is designed to make your workday more productive and less stressful. For help setting this up, our support team is just a message away.

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