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Connecting Your Bank Account to Chip
Connecting Your Bank Account to Chip
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To use Chip's AI features to their full potential, we’ll need to link your bank account to Chip using our safe secure provider Truelayer. This enables us to personalise your automatic saves based on your spending habits and will allow the use of features such as Recurring Saves, Overdraft Protection and Minimum Bank Balance. Just head to 'Connect Your Bank' on your profile tab to connect your account.

This portal is directly with your bank and Chip never sees or stores your online banking credentials. You will need to have online banking already set up with your linked bank, and provide the correct login details/passwords/biometrics you normally use in order to make the connection.

Connecting your bank account also means you'll be able to withdraw quickly and easily to your linked bank account.

If you have any trouble linking your bank, you can try the troubleshooting steps outlined here. If the problem persists, please contact our CS team via live chat or

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