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Where do I find my class' data?
Where do I find my class' data?

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To look at data for a class, choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

Choose a class from the left column.

Click on Mixed Review in the middle column.

To understand and interpret this data--

Points Distribution
The pie chart on the left shows how many points the students earned in assignments compared to points earned in mixed review. For long-term retention, GMM recommends that students earn more points in Mixed Review than assignments.

In the circle graph, we recommend the green portion (Mixed Review points) be larger than the purple portion (assignment points).

Active Skills
This number is the number of squares the class has when working in Mixed Review.

Rotation Time
The median number of days students take to spiral through the active skills.

GMM recommends that this number is below 30 days.

If the number is too high, look at the Points Distribution and the number of Active Skills. Perhaps, students are not spending enough time in Mixed Review, or students have too many skills to complete. Consider deactivating some skills.

Check out this article on deactivating skills.

Accuracy (in the upper right corner of the screen)
The accuracy for the class is the average of the accuracy for each active skill.

In the report above, the 94% accuracy rate pertains to the 47 active skills. Accuracy is the percentage of time students answer correctly on the first attempt.

The proficiency for each skill is the percentage of students who are green, silver, or gold on a skill. This metric provides valuable information about the long-term retention of skills for a class.

Remember that students must have a skill for at least three days and continue to answer problems correctly to change the color of a square to green; at least five days for silver; and for a longer period of time for gold.

When viewing Proficiency, if students have had the skill for several days and have NOT changed the color of the square, consider re-teaching the skill with guided practice or provide more practice time in Mixed Review.

Other columns
View other columns by adding, or removing, using the manage columns button.

Accuracy (for each skill) in a row
The accuracy of a skill is the average of the accuracy for each student who has tried that skill at least once.

The number of students who have not attempted the skill.

The number of students whose square is red for the skill.

The number of students whose square is yellow for the skill.

The number of students whose square is green for the skill.

The number of students whose square is silver star for the skill.

The number of students whose square is gold star for the skill.

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