Using Modified Mixed Review, teachers can provide scaffolded or enrichment work to better meet students' needs.

To add skills to a student's Modified Mixed Review, ensure that the student is using Modified Mixed Review. Check out this article to learn how.

To add skills to an individual student's Modified Mixed Review:

1. From WORK, create an assignment with the skills you would like to add.

a. To learn how to create an assignment, check out this article.

2. Assign the assignment to the class.

3. From CLASSES, choose Assignments from the middle column.

4. Make the assignment unavailable by turning the Available slider off.

5. Choose Mixed Review from the middle column.

6. Click on the Date Added heading to reorder the column, showing the newest

skills added first.

7. Deactivate each of the skills from the assignment in the class Mixed Review by

turning off the Active slider for each skill in the assignment.

8. Choose Student Data from the middle gray column.

9. Click on the student's name you would like to modify. Ensure the student is

working in Modified Mixed Review.

10. Collapse the first two rows for All Time and Active Skills.

11. Click on the Date Added heading to reorder the column, displaying the newest

skills first.

12. Use the toggle switches to turn on these skills for the student.

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