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My Android Bluetooth won't connect?
My Android Bluetooth won't connect?
Troubleshooting Android Bluetooth connectivity issues
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If you are having trouble connecting or re-connecting the Lief device with the Lief app, implementing the following recommendations will fix most cases. If these do not resolve your issue, please reach out to us using the chat function in the lower right hand corner.

1 Lief device charged?

2 Lief on your body?

- Lief must be on your body to connect with Bluetooth.

- If you previously placed your Lief in "Airplane Mode" from within the Lief app's settings, taking the Lief off your body for 10 seconds will reset the Bluetooth back to normal operation.

- Does the Lief buzz once when you place it on your body (an easy test without actually putting the Lief device on your body is to place each thumb on the left and right metal sockets of the device), indicating it knows it's on your body?

3 Device compatibility?

- Please ensure your phone supports Bluetooth 4.0 (a.k.a Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, or Bluetooth Smart). Nearly all the newer mobile phones support this, but some older models do not.

4 Device's Bluetooth enabled?

- Many issues can be resolved by going to Android Settings > Bluetooth and toggling the Bluetooth radio off and on again. Sometimes restarting your phone will do the trick.

5 App permissions and location enabled?

- Check your Android's Settings > Applications > Lief > Permissions and ensure both "Location" and "Storage" are enabled. Location is required for Bluetooth applications on Android OS.


- Google Pixel and Nexus phones may require your GPS be enabled for Bluetooth to work properly. We recommend any Android user with Bluetooth issues enable GPS to ensure this is not affecting their device's connectivity.

6 Connected to Bluetooth directly in Lief App?

- Make sure your Lief device is only connected from inside the Lief App. Do not try to connect in the Android Bluetooth settings, or it could cause problems.

7 More Troubleshooting

- If your Lief device was previously connected to another nearby phone, and you haven't made that phone "forget" the Lief device, the Lief app on that other phone will still try to re-connect with your Lief whenever it is nearby. You can make the Lief App on the other phone "forget" your Lief device by navigating to the Lief app's Settings > Pairing, and selecting the connected Lief device to disconnect it.

- Force close the Lief app (click Android multi-view button, then swipe away the Lief app to force close it). Now re-open the Lief app and try to reconnect.

- If that doesn't work, navigate to Android Settings > Applications > Lief, and click "Clear Cache" followed by "Force Stop." Now go to the Lief app's "Select Device" screen and re-connect.

- If all of these methods fail, please uninstall the Lief app and re-install.


If you require additional support, please reach out using the chat function in the lower right hand corner, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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