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How do I initiate an HRV biofeedback session?
How do I initiate an HRV biofeedback session?
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There are 3 ways to initiate an HRV biofeedback session (a.k.a. Downtime) or a dose type of your choice:

Self-initiated practice:

Tap initiated: If you tap your Lief device once in the center while it's on your body, it'll automatically run a 3-minute Downtime session.

App initiated: You can select in the Lief app how many minutes of practice you'd like to engage in, as well as the type of dose you'd like to do (Downtime, Heartbeat, Paced Breathing).

Automatically initiated practice:

Autodoses: You'll automatically receive vibration feedback throughout the time period you're wearing your Lief whenever your HRV drops below the percentile indicated in your threshold settings.

You can view yours under More > Training > Auto-Dose Training. The lower bound of the threshold represents how frequently you’ll get autodosed, while the upper bound represents the average length

For example, if your thresholds are set to 5 to 10, that means your auto-doses will initiate when your HRV dips below the 5th percentile of your overall HRV range, and turn off when you train it back up past the 10th percentile by following along with the Downtime guidance

Determining your overall HRV range was the reason your device needed to personalize to your body on Day 1, since everyone’s range is unique to them

Please note that your HRV number in any given moment is NOT the same thing as the numbers you see in the threshold settings. The threshold settings represent at which percentile of your overall HRV range an autodose begins and ends.

Common user driven error: If you set your thresholds to 0 to 20, this means your autodoses will never initiate because it’s impossible for your HRV to drop below the zero percentile of your overall HRV range.

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