Converting recipe UoM
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Want to convert units in a recipe?

meez's built-in database of ingredients ensures that every unit will convert the right way. So when you convert kosher salt from lbs to cups, or Xantham gum from grams to teaspoons, meez makes sure it's an accurate conversion!

1) Make sure you're in view mode.

2) Click the unit you'd like to change and type a new one. Then hit Enter.

Customize It

Conversions are customizable for ever ingredient and recipe in meez.

Using the Unit of Measure Equivalency tab on either the ingredient page or the recipe page to edit the conversions.

For example, if your recipe is 4oz per portion, you can indicate that in the UoM equivalency of the recipe.

Here's what the UoM Equivalency tab looks like when you're editing:

Prep Actions

Every prep action includes a way to convert from weight to volume to each. To edit a prep-action's conversions, check out the video below:

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