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  • Where do I add costs to my ingredients?

    You can enter cost for an ingredient on the recipe you have entered it on by clicking edit, select the costing tab and click the little pencil edit button or you can click on the ingredient and go to the ingredient page and edit costing. Ingredient costs are specific by location. If you have more than one location when editing costing, double check the location drop down in the right hand corner of the tab to make sure you are set to the correct location.

    More information about inputting costs can be found here.

  • How do I add ingredients to my recipe and what if I can't find the ingredient in the database?

    You can manually add ingredients as you go or add them in bulk. Type the ingredient in the ingredient field and you can either select it from our system ingredients or if it's not found and the ingredient is in red you can click on it again and choose Add New Ingredient.

    For more information check here.

  • Can I add ingredients in bulk?

    Yes you can! You can do so right after selecting to create a new recipe or you can bring that modal back up again by clicking the Bulk Add button at the top of the recipe. Or if you have ingredients added already and you want to bulk add more you can find the Add Ingredients button at the bottom of the ingredients side of the recipe.

  • Where can I edit an ingredient?

    Once added to your recipe you can click on the ingredient to go to the ingredients page. Or click on the ingredients tab and find it in your list.

  • Does my ingredient need all the information to be filled out on my recipe?

    For your ingredient to function properly with the other features such as costing and nutritional information proper units and amounts must be given to the ingredient.

  • What information is on the ingredient page?

    The ingredient page has all current information for that ingredient.

    It Covers:

    • All costing information, separated by location

    • Nutritional information

    • Unit of Measure Equivalencies

    • All prep actions associated with that ingredient

    • A list of Recipes that the ingredient is currently on

    • Any Notes you want to leave specific for the ingredient

    This is also where you can edit or add to any of those pieces of information. Adding a new prep action or changing the purchase cost or even changing the name.

    *Note* Any changes made on the ingredient page will impact this ingredient for every recipe. Ingredients are account wide. For example if you change the ingredient name of Apple to Cement it will change the name of the ingredient Apple on every recipe it was on to say Cement instead of Apple.

  • How do I set my ingredients Unit of Measure Equivalency?

    To set the Unit of Measure Equivalency for an ingredient go to the ingredient page and click the Edit button on the top of the screen. Then on the tabs on the right select UoM Equivalency. It will show the default liquid UoM of 8oz = 1 cup = 1 each or many system ingredients have them set already. Such as Salt has 4.7oz = 1 cup.

    You can toggle off the standard UoM and enter a new one. Ex. You buy your cocoa powder in a 3lb container and you know you get 40 scoops per container. If you set your UoM to 3lbs = 40 each. You can than use either a weight or an each(or scoop) to call by your cocoa powder in recipes.

    For more information about Unit of Measure Equivalency check out this article.

  • If I change data on the ingredient page does it change it for all my recipes?

    Yes, the ingredient page is where all information for the ingredient is stored. Since ingredients are account wide any changes done here effects the entire account. The only difference is ingredient costs because they are location based not account wide

  • What is Merging ingredients?

    Merging ingredients can be done when you have multiple ingredient names and information that are identical. For instance if you just use Diamond Kosher Salt in your kitchen, yet in your meez ingredients list you have Salt, Kosher Salt and Diamond Kosher Salt. In your kitchen when you use the word Salt you mean just the one kind. So then you can merge the ingredients together so you will only have one Salt in your meez ingredients.

    Additional information about Merging ingredients can be read about here.

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