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Creating recipes
Adding ingredients and sub recipes to recipes
Adding ingredients and sub recipes to recipes

When creating recipes, choose from a database of meez system ingredients, create your own, or create ingredients with prep actions.

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Meez System Ingredients vs New Ingredients

When you are creating a new recipe, you can type in any ingredient into the field shown below. When you do so, you will see ingredient options with a few different icons. For instance:

How different ingredient types appear:

What each icon means:

Ingredient already in your account

This is an ingredient already added to your account, and therefore will appear in your "ingredients" table. In order to keep from having duplicate ingredients, we recommend using ingredients already in your account whenever possible.


When a recipe is used in another recipe, we call that a sub-recipe. Anything you make in-house, as opposed to buying in from a vendor, should be created as a sub-recipe.

System Ingredient:

meez has thousands of system ingredients, which already contain weight-to-volume conversion data, prep-actions, and yields. We recommend you select meez system ingredients whenever possible when creating recipes. Read more below.

Creating New Ingredients

If you don't see an ingredient in the list of meez system ingredients, click ENTER. The ingredient field will turn a shade of pink.

Now, click the ingredient. and select from the following options:

  • Create New Ingredient: If this is an ingredient you buy.

    • PRO TIP: Instead of creating a new ingredient, select a meez system ingredient that is similar, and change the name. That way, you get all that sweet data associated with the ingredient, like unit conversions and prep actions.

  • Create Recipe: If this is something you produce in-house.

  • Create Ingredient w/ Prep Action: (see below)

Create Ingredient w/ Prep Action

A prep action is an action you take on an ingredient that results in a yield change. Click the highlighted field and select a prep-action from below the ingredient. If you want to add a prep action to an ingredient, just click the highlighted field and select "Create Ingredient w/ Prep Action."

Search for the ingredient in your account, or create a new one.

Choose a name for your prep action, and an approximate yield. Then add your prep action.

Using copy/paste to add ingredients/sub recipes

When looking at a blank recipe (to create a recipe, use the +New Button), you will see the option to "Add Bulk" your recipe. Click on this button to add multiple lines of recipe text all at once.

A window will pop up where you can copy and paste your ingredients into the left panel, and your prep method steps into the right panel.


  • Use a colon [ : ] to create a header

  • Use parenthesis ( ) to create notes

  • Each separate line will be taken as a new ingredient/prep step, so be sure to hit enter after each ingredient or step.

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